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  • *All students will sign up for 2 jobs (minimum) for the jazz festival.  If they are not in good standing in their classes, they will need to sign up for shifts that take place after school.  If they are doing ok, I will give them an Eagle absence to miss a couple of classes on Friday, February 15.  There are a variety of jobs as well as many bands that will need guides.  These will be posted in the morning.
  • There will also be a special clinic by our guest artists on Saturday afternoon that students can attend.  
  • All jazz students will be required to attend the evening concert on Saturday (7:30 pm) featuring UNM Jazz 1 and the Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra.  They will attend this concert for free.

Here are the performance times for our groups
Jazz Band 2-
February 16:
6:45 am - arrive at EHS
7:05 am - warm up
7:30 am - perform
7:55 am - clinic

Jazz Band 1-
February 16: 
3:45 pm - ready to go in uniform
4:15 pm - warm up
4:40 pm - perform
5:05 pm - clinic

  • We need your help to collect drinks and snacks for our concession sales at the upcoming jazz festival which runs three days beginning on February 14. Concession sales are a general fundraiser for our program. We usually have over 40 bands coming through our PAC during the festival. This brings hundreds of hungry and thirsty students, instructors, and family members past our concession stand every day. We need to start collecting items to sell now so that we have time to organize them and fill in gaps where necessary. You can send donations in with your students anytime. Mark them "concessions" and drop them off in Mr. Dubbs' office anytime between now and Wednesday, February 13. Unsold concessions will be saved to sell at the Winter Guard competition we are hosting in March.
  1. We are asking FRESHMEN and SENIORS to please bring drinks (soft drinks, bottled water, Gatorade, Powerades, etc), individually packaged, in other words bottles and cans instead of liters.
  2. We are asking our SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS to bring individually wrapped snacks (cookies, granola bars, chips, crackers, etc).

     You will soon receive a "Sign Up Genius" for parent help with the Jazz Festival. 

  • There are several different areas where we need volunteers.  They are ALL easy and they are ALL fun!  It's really cool to see all of the jazz programs in the state and when you're not scheduled to volunteer, you can slip into the PAC auditorium and listen to some wonderful jazz.  

  • Furthermore, our amazing Jazz Festival Chair, Christy Trussell, has put together a donation letter for families to hand out to anyone that they think would like to be a sponsor and help us defer Jazz Festival costs (please see attachments below). If you have questions regarding the Jazz Festival please feel free to contact Mrs. Trussell:

  • In addition this year, we have the following link where sponsors can go online to donate directly:

     Please feel free to forward the link to any family member, business owner, or friend who may be interested in donating. 

     Thank you for your support!


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